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About us

About Nyumba Design

About Linda Kamgue Neyret

Born in France, and having lived in Africa, then in America, Linda considers herself a citizen of the world. She was able to develop her taste for the interbreeding of cultures.

After studying law, Linda chose to devote herself to her passion, African art! '' I always wanted to put forward the beautiful Africa, the one of which many are unaware, making discover what it has beautiful, its craftsmanship, quality and rich.


Nyumba Design was born out of a desire to discover the wonderful, the rich, the beautiful Africa. Its founder Linda Neyret Kamgue young French entrepreneur of Cameroonian origin, who lived in Cameroon and Ivory Coast, and through his travels in sub-Saharan Africa could discover and take passion for African art.

It is by living in Africa both in Europe and North America Linda developed her taste for mixing of cultures, contemporary African crafts, the marriage of African creativity and the Western lifestyle. His first desire is to discover this beautiful Africa, the mysterious continent just waiting to be revealed, highlighting the African expertise in design, craft and creativity. Originality, authenticity, quality, refinement, glamor, rarity, more a tone of "ethnic chic" are all characteristics that also define Design Nyumba well as its founder.


Design Nyumba will find for you more beautiful creations, always authentic, original products, qualities, and sometimes unique to the four corners of Africa, for you to discover.

Our mission is to make you discover and share our love for all these beautiful things for all these craftsmen, designers and designer who through their works share the wealth of a culture and a lifestyle.


Nyumba Design is a window on Africa, which highlights the African expertise in design, craft and creativity. Our products are carefully selected on the basis of their originality, their authenticity, quality and refinement. Our products are a mix of African expertise and chic, a synthesis between tradition and contemporary.

Our products are handmade in Africa, with African materials by African artisans strengthen the economy of their village by the work and by women who find an occupation. We expect you to discover exceptional products, the African furnishings, fashion accessories, decorative items, and rare African art, authentic, refined, made by craftsmen happy to show their talent and rich heritage Africa and also by African designers guarantors of traditional knowledge.

Nyumba Design makes a point of honor to respect its commitments to its customers, and respect for the environment and ecology, but above all respect for the artisans and their working conditions.

May 2017 Nyumba Design won the Africa Business of the Year award
for excellence in Vision & Inspiration Gala of REPAF.